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Always for free with this app. Now is the time to get involved in Mining Bitcoin! You are about to begin receiving and earning Free Bitcoin. Whether you know and understand Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies or not, it does not matter anyone can do this. You are about to begin receiving and earning BITCOIN. This program that you have just found is literally the best way we have found for anyone with a PC to be able to participate in Mining Bitcoin. And Guess What? When you MINE Bitcoin, you earn Bitcoin.

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From just You visiting This Page your WALLET should be feeling FATTER As The World Turns! You actually found a REAL way to make money online. (And it gets even better – you want to go through all of this page and follow the STEPS exactly as shared below).

It works whether you understand Bitcoin (BTC) or not. Plus as you get started, you will be given loads of education and understanding behind these HUGE changing times in History. And the best part is now you are an actual part of it yourself. YOU MUST ACT FAST THOUGH – this may not be available at anytime – and is not promised to be available for new “Smart Miner” Partners ongoing.

Key Points:

  • Again 100% FREE (NO COST) to Join.
  • Once you join earn 1mBTC (just for getting set up). This is 1 thousandth of a Bitcoin (they literally calculate down to 1 Millionth). While this may only be a couple dollars today, if the BTC were to go to say $100,000 each then this would be worth $1000. If it were to reach $1Million then it would be worth $10,000.
  • After joining (Start NOW) – or as you go through the SIMPLE 3 STEPS we have for you below, and activate the “Smart Miner” program onto your PC/Device (up to 5 per account) your PC/DEVICE’s resources (must be online) will start mining and thus earning Bitcoins (in micro’s). These add up over time. The more devices, the more you can earn. Plus yes the more processing power your devices have you earn even more.

You are literally a few minutes away from simply making money through BITCOIN and BITCOIN MINING up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 Days a Year. This is truly a MAKE MONEY while you SLEEP situation!!!

What is Bitcoin (or BTC)?

In case you have been under a rock – and that is fine, why I am here sharing this with you now… you need to understand something BIG that is going on right before us:

So Follow These STEPS (it is really simple, secure, safe, and EASY) and truly be in the FREE BITCOIN World today.


WHILE IT IS STILL AVAILABLE: (Offer could close for new Free Bitcoin Mining Partners at any time – join now while you can – there has never been a way to profit like this without any upfront investment like this ever before. The first mining machines did not even pay for themselves)

START HERE and enroll in this amazing program that allows you to receive 1mBTC (one Thousandth of a Bitcoin) just for Joining this (NO COST) program and starting it up on at least 1 Device.

PLEASE NOTE: The device needs to be a PC or Android Device at this point. It does not currently work on a Mac. (You can increase earnings with up to 5 different devices per account). Only have a MAC, then get set up… and then see “MAXIMIZE your BITCOIN Earnings” below – then you can access the additional Bitcoin Earning options that are available with this NEVER BEFORE SEEN system earning free bitcoin. A wonderful opportunity, and you are going to be so happy you found it. MAKE SURE TO REGISTER for our newsletter to the right of this OFFER. We are always finding FANTASTIC ONLINE OFFERS and sharing them with our Community. It is who you know, and not what you know that allows you opportunities just like this one.


After you get set up with your account, you want to “DOWNLOAD SMART MINER”. This will download a VERY SAFE file that allows your PC/Device to operate the Mining Software to get the free bitcoin earning going more. Here are the Simple Steps to do so …
  1. Join Now (if you have not already done so in Step 1 above)
  2. Download the Smart Miner Software
  3. RUN the Smart Miner Software
    (IF YOUR FIREWALL or ANTI-VIRUS block it as “Malware” you will need to create an Exception like I did.
  4. After running the Software, it will give you an OPTION to “Run Benchmark” – RUN IT. It will take several minutes analyzing your PC/Device for performance and expected Day/Month/Year earnings (based on the current valuation of the Bitcoin today).
  5. Then Click on Start Earning
    – By Default it will be set to “SMART” which only runs when you are not using your Computer’s Resources. It will only run in the background, and will detect when you are not using it, and will increase. Or you can set it to run at 100% (say you were going to be away for hours/days) 90%, 50%, or OFF. I like to do this manually myself then I can insure all is running as it should.
    – You can access your Account from up to 5 devices and have up all 5 devices running on your one account. The more the better as you know.
  6. You should also use your Referral Link to Share this with others, NO need to be selfish. Read “MAXIMIZE your BITCOIN Earnings” below in STEP 3 for more details). There is no limits when you deploy this properly. Fully possible to earn upwards of 1 Free Bitcoin a Month or more even. Details Below.
  7. Once you get everything Set-Up and running. You will easily see where you add your BITCOIN payment method. If you do not already have a BITCOIN address (if you have BITCOIN already – you have one) then you follow the easy instructions to get one. Then add it to your profile, and that is where you will be paid your FREE BITCOIN. Then from your Bitcoin wallett you can easily transfer and/or spend on the web as you see fit.

Bill Gates and other Financial Experts predict that 1 Bitcoin could be worth as much as $1Million. Timing is everything. The sooner you get started with this, the sooner you can start Earning free Bitcoins as a “Smart Miner” partner in this amazing system.



inMAXIMIZE your BITCOIN Earnings: (This is POWERFUL!)

As you set up your account (GO NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT YET) you will be able to access the Referral Program. This too completely Free. Allowing you to refer family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone that can benefit from the Global Currency that BITCOIN is. And they get to access this in the same way you did… all FREE! Simply get in, get started, then follow the easy details. You’ll have a REFERRAL link that you need to share any way you see fit. Wish to Do It BIG? See GO BIG below…


As a FREE BITCOIN MINER: There are still several years left, and yet it is almost impossible to become a MINER today (other than through this AMAZING ONLINE SYSTEM). That means this could be around for several years, allowing you to accumulate several Bitcoins. If they are going up in value, how many do you want? And if you can earn them through MINING vs INVESTING your hard earned money (and a lot of us are living paycheck to paycheck – not being able to consider savings, investments, let alone some Crypto-currency we may not fully understand). This is an amazing opportunity to help yourself and your family and those you share this with truly make a difference. Your system of computers working for you ALL day and night together growing and growing each new day.

Want to create more of a “WIN” for yourself? Refer more into it. SIMPLE AS THAT!!!

AS long as they are still taking in new partners through this program, you want to refer it out to anyone you can has a PC that can work for them around the clock. Teach them to do the same and “WIN” as well and well I am sure you see now … You can earn up to 10% (matching) of what they earn in BITCOINS for as long as you both are in the system and they have the exact same opportunigy as well. True Win Win as some say.


Want to GO BIGGER?

You wish to maximize this Wonderful Online opportunity that literally costs nothing, but has the potential to leverage Bitcoin and Free Bitcoin Mining to create potential $Millionaires? Then allow us to connect you with exactly what we do, follow the system we found, and get ready to learn how Online Marketing Works, and be supported by a Mentor (like we did) to be able to make money online, and to build a way where you can make Online Incomes from all over the GLOBE. VISIT BLOG WITH RORY HERE: Then learn how to get your own Link Post Blogging site working for you to make money online, like we do, including being able to post and get in front of people arround the glode as the world turns about this Amazing Online Program for Free Bitcoin!

Want to DREAM?

Here are some interesting things that can happen based upon how many Bitcoins you have invested in, or Earned through this Amazing Online Program. When you are just using this program, and earning Bitcoins through this “Smart Mining” program:

NEED MONEY in a pinch?

You can transfer from BITCOIN to several currencies at any time. Pay off debt, buy a new car, buy a new house… it is all a matter of how much the Bitcoin is worth at the time you transfer from BITCOIN to another Currency.

Wikipedia Shares:
“Besides being created as a reward for mining, bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. As of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin can also be held as an investment. According to research produced by Cambridge University in 2017, there are 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.”


“That seems really weird! Why would anyone use a payment network based on an imaginary currency?”.

Sure it is weird. Almost everyone who encounters the idea for the first time (including me) has the same reaction: That can’t possibly work. But so far the market has proved the skeptics wrong: Weird or not it has been working and growing and still has much more to go.
As you work wisely and remain patient, you can make a decent amount of money by simply mining and sharing about Fthis Free Bitcoins Program. As Bitcoins are a international currency, several businesses accept them as payment. … Because Bitcoin conducts transactions peer-to-peer, there’s no intermediary to prevent the funds from rolling in. From your wallett you can transer and use that way at any time as well. Right now there really are no limits, So what is stopping YOU?


Bitcoin is growing:
“A year ago, a single Bitcoin cost just under £500. Today it is trading at £2,166.93, despite a steep fall at the start of June. Globally, the combined market value of cryptocurrencies reached nearly $100bn this year and together with its main digital currency rival, Ethereum, Bitcoin has delivered the best investment return of 2017, outstripping traditional entities such as Nasdaq.”  July 2017

What is your plan?

“Don’t spend your Bitcoin,” says the woman at the till. “Why would you spend them? There’s only a finite number that can be mined, so when it reaches that point they’ll just go up in value.” She’s done her research: by the year 2140, the limit of 21 million Bitcoins will have been reached and scarcity will set in.

For me I am going a little of both since I get these free Bitcoins I can save to invest for retirement and also transfer for current bills, needs, daughters college etc. now as well. A Win Win I feel but yes looking at past values I can see why many will hold on to all of theirs.

Your Turn! Get STARTED NOW!!!