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The first step, according to eyewear styling experts, is to consider the different aspects of your life. “What do you really want your eyewear for?” asks Robert Marc, eyewear designer and president of Robert Marc Opticians, a chain of upscale optical stores in New York City. “What are the different activities you participate in? What type of work do you do?”

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Can glasses make you smarter?

Well maby not make but perseptions wise yes lol.

2011 Study Showed: “People with full-framed glasses were considered more distinctive, had more people focus on their eyes and were given more eye-contact and general attention to the eyes. These guys were also perceived as being more intelligent and more successful.”

Many people instinctually associate higher intelligence with glasses. It’s not just an antiquated stereotype — study after study shows we’re all susceptible to some decent rims. That’s despite the fact that specs make us appear less attractive. Throwing a pair on, whether you need to or not, helps you to succeed in job interviews too.

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