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Cosmetics & Beauty Products:

OUr long list of items and areas they are available for are almost endless.

Personal Care:  All products you need for your Personal Care is here in our vast inventory of Personal Care options.  Moroccanoil, Rene Furterer, Leonor Greyl, Weleda, Jill Stuart, Clarisonic, Kerastase Paris, Clarins, Sebastian Professional, Goldwell, BSC.PRO, Aromatherapy Associates, John Masters Organics, L’Occitane, Ricco Di Natura, Bioderma, Carita, Creative Nail Design, Elizabeth Arden, Sabon, Aesop, Erbaviva, La Roche-Posay, to just name a few.
Bath & Shower:  Cleansers and Shower, Scrubs and Treatments, Moisturizers.  All found here and several high end  brands at amazing prices to choose and buy from.
Hands & Nails Care:  Keep your hands and nails looking their best with the best in Hands and Nail Care.  Hand Balms, Creams, and Nail care needs can be found here.
Foot Care:  Keep them super soft and protected with the balms and specialty foot products available here.
Gifts:  Beauty Products are always a welcoming and heartfelt gift.  Giving the gift of beauty is always a great call.  find all you need for everyone here.
Bust Care:  Take care of your bust and your neck with the amazing products and anti-aging solutions and care options here.
Massage Oil:  Massage oils for helping with stress,  anti-aging, anti-wrinkle.  Sustain and maintain and rebuild elacticity and smoothness.
Slimming & Firming:  Products to help with the removal and clearning up of cellulite and irritations and blemishes.  Firm and tone your skin making it healthier, stronger, younger.
Oral Care:  The top in selections for everything Oral Care.
Haircare:  Protect your hair and build it with vitamins and nutrients through the wide selection of high end and super affordable products for your hair here.
Hair Removal:  Hair gets where we do not want it.  Remove it safely and conveniently with our products offering the biggest choices for hair removal.
Feminine Hygiene:  The best available products for feminine hygiene are here.
Antiperspirants Supplies:  Protect your body from smells with the anti-perspirants and deodorants here.
Household:  Household items are available, see the large and growing inventory today.

beauty productsMakeup – Lips:  We carry the finest and largest selection of MakeUp and Lips products.  See them here.

beauty productsSkincare:  It is our largest organ after-all.  Take care of your skin and moisturize it for long lasting and young looking results with our solutions here.

Men – Post-Shave and Moisturizers:  Protect that face.  We have the products to help all men with their post-shave and everyday moisturizing.

Natural & Organic:  We have been growing and expanding this huge need and desire in Natural and Organic products.  Check them all out here.

Mother & Baby – Baby Care – Baby Tools – Mother Care:  For that special time in life, fully all through pre-pregnancy, through the pregnancy and post-pregnancy.  We have you covered (literally) here.

SHOP BY BRAND!  Here is Just a View of the Brands A through D…beauty products

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SK-II      Shiseido      Christian Dior      Chanel      Estée Lauder      Lancôme      3CE      Clarins      Essence      Organic      Sunscreen …


Online Top Cosmetics & Beauty Tips:

  • Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush if you more polished, medium to full coverage.
  • Do your brow and eye makeup first. This is important because as Di Sarro puts it, your eyebrows “create the mood of the makeup” and form a guideline for your eyes.
  • When applying blush, first smile, then start on the apple of the cheek, blend the blush back towards the top of the ear, then down toward the jawline.
  • When you need your blush to stay put for hours on end, layer a gel formula under a powder or bronzer.  —Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra
  • You don’t want to do quick soft motions when you apply mascara. Instead, jam the wand into the root of the lash and do zigzag motions as you go up.
  • Mixing foundation with moisturizer is an easy way to lighten your coverage options if you already have a fuller coverage foundation.  —Caitlin Wooters, makeup artist
  • Test lipstick on the inside of your fingertip, rather than on the back of your hand. The pad of your finger closely resembles your own lip color, so see which one looks best there, then move to the lips. —Kerry Cole, style director of Becca Cosmetics
  • Always take a step back from the mirror and look at yourself from further away. This is another simple and easy tip, but one that will save you a lot of time and anguish.


“My mom, the cofounder of Benefit Cosmetics, used to tell [my sister] and me ‘there are no rules when it comes to beauty.’ She always took her favorite lipstick shade at the time and used it all over to create an entire makeup look. I remember growing up watching her put a swipe on both her cheeks, both eyelids, her lips, and blending it in, and it instantly looked like she got a makeover.” —Annie Ford Danielson, Benefit global beauty authority

Extra Tip!

If you’ve been massaging the majority of your products including moisturizer, serums, toners, lip balms, cleansers, and exfoliators, breathe a sigh of relief and give yourself a high-five because you’re on the right track. “Rubbing these products in still gets them in the top layers of the skin where you want them, so this is an effective and acceptable method,” says Dr. Downie.